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You are a Drupal developer and you prefer to do all the installations and updates of your web sites using Drush, but your newest customer has a managed server at Hetzner? I am sure you already know that drush isn’t already installed and it is a little bit difficult to persuade the system administrator to add it. The following guide will help you to install it and use it in a few minutes.

The JIRA Agile online Management System is a great platform for developer teams, who really need a powerful tool to organize tasks and jobs. Unfortunately, JIRA’s UX is a little bit chaotic. This makes it difficult to be used by people who are not experienced with such platforms, for even simple tasks, such as a way to see tasks where people mentioned you. Let’s see how this can be done!

Do not enter, unless you know how to code or you bring beers.

- walkero

Last Christmas my son got a Kano Kit by Santa and he is so happy with that, that he ruined the installation. :D Something went totally wrong and the system kept restarting all the time, before I could do anything. So I decided to reinstall the Kano OS to the SD memory it comes with the Kano Kit. But my system I like to use is based on Linux Mint, which is not supported by the Kano Team, at least there is no info at their page. So, how can someone reinstall the Kano OS with Linux Mint?

Lately found some free time to test a few programming editors, in case there is something more suitable for my needs. I use daily the Aptana Studio 3 for Web Development, usually connected to a server using SSH connection. Aptana has the ability to connect to FTP/SFTP and load/save the files directly to your server. And it is really fast when it does that.

Yahoo Weather API is a great weather condition source, which you can use on your apps free of charge. Many apps use it, like the StormCloud, Drupal and Joomla modules and many applications for smart phones. The iOS main weather application retrieves weather condition from Yahoo too.

But how can yo...

Yesterday I created a new Conky script for my laptop I use for everyday work, running Ubuntu 12.10 with Mate. The image at the left shows how it looks like.

The weather script is based on Yahoo weather API, which is totally free. The script I use is based on the Google Now-Inspired Conky Theme found at OMGUbuntu website. The script retrieves the Weather information and shows them at the Conky. Although I like the default theme weather icons of the above theme, I wanted to make it look like StormCloud.

These days I work on a new project that gives the ability to a user to change the cover images of a Facebook page using Instagram images. Instagram has a nice API that helps the developers to find public photos and use them as they wish. You can even search images by a specific tag, which is necessary if you want to create a branded cover image.

myQuoteFive is a project based on HTML5 Canvas features, supported by the latest web browsers. The user can create quote images to send to his friends. This kind of images are commonly used on social network pages and profiles.

For a long time now I wished I had some spare time to build an Amiga 1200 I own, which was in pieces in various boxes, and set this up for a complete WHDLoad experience. Gladly, last Christmas I had a few spare days to spent at home. So I decided to open the boxes and build this fine computer.

If you are a Linux user then you surely use terminal. Whenever I do a clean install to the latest version of any Linux distribution, one of the first things I do is to set the F10 key to not be captured by the system and pass directly to the terminal. This is necessary for various old programs running through terminal, like midnight commander.

These days I am working on a very nice project which has to do with simple music compositing inside a web browser. I thought to use the fine SoX which can do many things with the processing of sounds. I am using it to combine sound series and then mix a few of them. I need to export the sounds as OGG and MP3 files. The OGG files will be used by most of the HTML5 ready browser and there is a fallback with flash that will use the MP3 files. Even if a browser doesn't support the OGG file it will automatically use the MP3 file.

If you think things are in a mess now, JUST WAIT!

- unknown (from Thermodynamics Wiki page)

Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely. And if something can be remembered it can come back.

- Dr. Who

Today I had to create a script to create a large amount of unique passwords for a project. To be more specific, we needed more than 200000 passwords. So, I created a nice php script that does the job. These passwords were created in about 33mins on my desktop computer. Do you think it is slow? It would be great if you could provide any faster solution?

My personal webserver has 255 days uptime. High availability for my hosted websites, with no downtime all these days. Of course, the webserver is fully updated at the latest stable software available.