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myQuoteFive is a project based on HTML5 Canvas features, supported by the latest web browsers. The user can create quote images to send to his friends. This kind of images are commonly used on social network pages and profiles.

With myQuoteFive you can,

  • set the background by selecting one of the already available or upload your own,
  • add inside the image one or more logos, icons or whatever you like. There are many already available to chose or upload your own,
  • add one or more texts. You can set the font color, the font size, the font and the alignment of the text. You can even edit the added texts by just selecting them over the image

All the above can be added inside your image, where you can drag them around. You can even resize these elements if you like. If you want to remove one of the elements, just select it with your mouse and press the Delete or BackSpace keys on your keyboard.

Finally, there is a button that helps you to export your design to a single image, which you can save to your computer and use it as you like.

myQuoteFive was developed using HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, jQuery, Javascript and CgSceneGraph technologies.

If you like it, please consider to share it with your friends.

#quotes #canvas #html5 #quote images
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