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The last couple of months a lot of Drupal web sites were hacked, because of some kind of vulnerabilities existed in the code. There are still more 800.000 websites using Drupal 7, and thank god that the Drupal security team still supports and release security updates for this version.

Your site is based on Drupal 7 as well? Do you know if this is hacked? Are you sure? Read below 10 steps to follow to check if your Drupal site is hacked, using multiple tools.

You are a Drupal developer and you prefer to do all the installations and updates of your web sites using Drush, but your newest customer has a managed server at Hetzner? I am sure you already know that drush isn’t already installed and it is a little bit difficult to persuade the system administrator to add it. The following guide will help you to install it and use it in a few minutes.

I am really proud to say that recently a new website of mine launched, and this is AmigaOS.net. This is a website that I was working for around 4 months, which I didn't do alone. I am leading a team of people who are working voluntarily together and helped to create the whole website.

Today I started working on the theme of a new website. I am building it with Drupal 7.x where I use my own theme. This is also a good opportunity to test my skills on CSS 3. I already created a few things on that without using a single image, and that seems great. I hope that it will work fine on mo...

Today I finaly managed to complete and put online the new website of Aktis SA. You can visit it at Aktis SA.

This project was created with open source technology and specifically we used the Drupal 6 CMS. The graphics were created also by me using the great graphics program named GIMP.

I'm glad...