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In a few days, this year will come to an end, and a new one will begin. I feel that this year I was pretty occupied with a lot of projects that I managed to work on and release, with your help keeping me motivated and supporting me all this time.

This year I counted a few achievements that helped me learn a lot and become better as a person and as a developer. I would like to take the chance and try to outline them below.

First of all, the work I did for the latest AmigaOS 4 SDK v54.16, which was released a few months ago by Hyperion, was welcomed by the community. So far no major problems were reported and that makes me even happier with the outcome.

So as to make developers' experience as good as possible, I did 4 releases of the LiteXL editor with new features and bug fixes for both AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. Also ported two tools, the flawfinder and cppcheck to AmigaOS 4, which are able to check code and find security problems.

This year I started porting some games out of curiosity to see how difficult it is and if I am able to do it based on my experience. I managed to complete 3 of them that were released for AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS (not all of them yet), which are BreakHack, BlobWars: Attrition and The Battle for the Solar System : The Pandoran War. Also, managed to release 2 new versions of the iGame, the WHDLoad frontend for the AmigaOS 3, 4 and MorphOS, with a lot of fixes.

But our community comes together online through some of the websites I maintain, and this year I put a lot of work to update amigans.net and rebuild amigalook.org from the scratch. Not only I fixed problems on these websites, but I also made them more secure and faster, with upgrades to the latest versions of the technology they use.

And since we are on the web section I released 4 new updates for my aiostreams scripts to keep them up to date with the latest changes on YouTube, Twitch etc., adding requested features and fixing problems. Along with that, I created a few scripts for Odyssey browser to make some major websites work a little bit better, proving to be quite useful for more than myself.

This year I also started working on the WebKit port for AmigaOS 4, based on the work that is done for MorphOS. It is a huge project that will help us bring a new up-to-date browser to AmigaOS 4. We already have our first goal achieved, which is to build the JavaScriptCore and most tests are passing happily.

Since January I did 13 live streams which were about 20 hours of content. The truth is that I would like to make more of them but since I am focused on the WebKit project, I decided to freeze the live streams for some period. In any way, what I wanted to present is already there, and for the future, I have to change them to remain interesting and educational. All my videos can be found on my YouTube channel.

Last October I had the chance to meet a lot of my supporters in person and have a talk when I attended Amiga 37 and AmiWest 2022. That was one of the best times last year and I am looking forward to meeting you all again. I will attend Amiga Ireland this January with my machines on display.

Last but not least, this year with your help we managed to donate more than 300€ to other developers in our community, supporting them in the tremendous work they are doing. Hope we motivated them a little bit to continue developing software for our platform.

 Happy New Year 2023 

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