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These days I work on a new project that gives the ability to a user to change the cover images of a Facebook page using Instagram images. Instagram has a nice API that helps the developers to find public photos and use them as they wish. You can even search images by a specific tag, which is necessary if you want to create a branded cover image.

So how about changing the cover image of your Facebook page automatically? The idea is simple and using Instagram API, Facebook API and some PHP code this can be feasible.

On my projects I use ImageMagick a lot, when I have to create images on the fly. So I thought that if we use an Instagram image as background and four others as polaroid images over it, as a result we will get a nice and interesting cover image.

As soon as the final image is ready, I use a user session with manage_page permissions to upload the cover image to the Facebook page. This works just fine right now, but I want to add a few more features.

Would you use an app like this? Is there any features you would like to see? Would you like to have the ability to set the you page and have it auto changed, based on templates? Come on. Step up and make your proposals

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