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The editors are my most used programs daily. As a web developer, I use plain text editors for coding. For the last couple of years I prefer to use the jEdit, which is Java based, really fast, with plenty of plugins to make it suitable for you. I use it everyday because it has all the feautures I need from an editor. It also has "macros", which I never used before, until yesterday.

Yesterday I got a new hard disk for my trustful laptop. My HP laptop runs for more than three years, every day, for more than ten hours. As you can see it's a fully working computer. If you ask why I had to change the hard disk, the reasons are safety and speed. Safety, because you never know what might happen after all that time of daily work. Speed, because the new hard disk (Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid SSD 500GB) is almost twice as fast as the previous one (Toshiba MK3252GSX 320GB). I connected the new hard disk using SATA to USB converter.

It makes no sense to worry about things that you can not change their influence in your life

- walkero

On my webservers I always use an installation of munin, to track events on my servers that happened while I was sleeping. Today, I saw that around 6 in the morning there where a huge increase of mysql requests, around 6.5 times more than the average count of requests. Also the cpu usage increased that time around 7.8 times over the average. That problem last for about 10 minutes. So I had to investigate it a little bit.

I am really proud to say that recently a new website of mine launched, and this is AmigaOS.net. This is a website that I was working for around 4 months, which I didn't do alone. I am leading a team of people who are working voluntarily together and helped to create the whole website.

Today I started working on the theme of a new website. I am building it with Drupal 7.x where I use my own theme. This is also a good opportunity to test my skills on CSS 3. I already created a few things on that without using a single image, and that seems great. I hope that it will work fine on mo...

Today I had the opportunity to pass sometime playing with my Amiga 2000. The computer was not even on my desktop, as I recently brought it from the previous home. So I woke up, I made my coffee and immidiately began to set up the computer.

Today I finaly managed to complete and put online the new website of Aktis SA. You can visit it at Aktis SA.

This project was created with open source technology and specifically we used the Drupal 6 CMS. The graphics were created also by me using the great graphics program named GIMP.

I'm glad...

Lately, I was looking for a nice online project management system. The one I found long time ago and I was using is the TaskFreak 0.6.x, which unfortunately is stopped developed right now, although that a new, totally different version is on the way.

Dancing youth at the middle of Lixouri Square. Time to have fun.

The great tree at the middle of Lixouri square. A place where everyone met for too many years.

One beer, one candle and the silent night.

There's nothing like a beer to give you that inflated sense of self-esteem

- Homer Simpson

My first view when I wake up. Nature is awesome.

Never expect people to do what you would do in various situations or matters. Sooner or later they will disappoint you.

- walkero

Recently I resigned from a company where I was working for the last 3 years. Fortunately, I didn't resign from a few good friends I found there. Now it is time for the hardest thing of all. To keep in touch with them with every possible way, but I'm afraid that the working hours we all have, the soc...