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I am really proud to say that recently a new website of mine launched, and this is AmigaOS.net. This is a website that I was working for around 4 months, which I didn't do alone. I am leading a team of people who are working voluntarily together and helped to create the whole website.

The Amiga community is an old and really dedicated community of people, who were asking for a new website about our beloved operating system. That was something that a lot of people were asking for a long time.

As I am currently beta tester of the latest versions of AmigaOS, I have access to the beta tester's IRC channel. One day I was lucky to meet and talk with the team leader of AmigaOS developer's Steven Solie. He expressed the interest of Hyperion Entertainment's (hyperion-entertainment.biz) for a new website. I grabbed the opportunity and asked him if I could send a proposal about how I was thinking it should be. He totally agreed and the work started for me.

I am happy to lead a very good team of people who liked the idea and was too kind to help me from the first time. First of all I spoke with Michael Carillo (MikeyC) who helped me to write down the proposal. We tried to create and describe all the topics and ideas that this new website must have. Gladly, Steven liked our proposal and he forwarded it to Hyperion Entertainment. As soon as we got the green light to start creating it, I spoke with Nikola Tomić (djnick) and asked him to create the necessary graphics. He did just after a few discussions of how it should look. From the first designs he sent me, I knew that he was the best choice for the graphics.

Meanwhile, Richard Lake (djrikki) and Stefano Guidetti (Lecta) joined the team. As I took the programming of the website and Nikola got the graphics design, the rest of the team took the hardest part of the website, which is the content. They gathered the images, photos, logos and wrote the most of the texts.

Around the first half of September we had the most of the website ready for Steven to check out, add/change content and help by approving it. The website had to be ready for this year AmiWest, where it was presented for the first time. Thank God we had it ready on time.

John Scolieri, the current domain owner, kindly provided us with the domain name of the website and helped us to configure it. He gladly helped us right away.

From the comments that we read, it seems that people really like it. They are saying that it is really modern, it expresses the AmigaOS spirit, it is looks professional and they are really enthusiastic about it. These comments are the best payment for us all.

But the work on AmigaOS.net doesn't stop here. We have a lot to do from now on. Hope you like it too.

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