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Today I had the opportunity to pass sometime playing with my Amiga 2000. The computer was not even on my desktop, as I recently brought it from the previous home. So I woke up, I made my coffee and immidiately began to set up the computer.

As soon as I turned it on memories came in front of my eyes, not just because I am using again an Amiga computer, but because I have the opportunity to wake up and do that, as I am drinking my coffee at the morning. It was my favorite hour for a long time ago. It was and it is the only thing that make me feel relaxed and calm. 

I played a little bit with a few games and I updated the software to the latest versions. I even got online and tried to download games and applications.

The Amiga 2000 was released at 1986 and it had a Motora 68000 cpu, clocked at 7.16MHz, as this is a NTSC model. I got this specific computer from a friend who had it in his storage room. Fortunately, it is working just great.

When I got it I updated it's hardware with a newer GVP SCSI card for the 6GB SCSI hard disk, 8MB Ram in total, a XSurf card that gives the ability to connect to the lan and a CPU accelerator with the Motorola 68030 clocked at 25MHz originally created by Commodore.

In the hard disk there is installed the AmigaOS 3.9 that runs smoothly and great on that hardware, although that I'm thinking to install the AmigaOS 3.1 that is lighter. The only thing that annoys me is the screen resolution (640x200 pixels) on a 1084 CRT monitor. It is a little bit awful for my eyes. I remember that I used to like it more. I hope that someday I will manage to get an Indivision ECS card that gives the ability to connect a good monitor on the Amiga, with better resolutions.

If you ask me what I played, I would answer "What else than the KickOff 2?". It was created by Anco back in 1990. Great game for a lot of years now, and one of my beloved. If you never played it, you should try sometime. It is great joy, but never, never, never, never, ever against someone who really knows it. He won't let you even touch the ball, trust me on that.

I hope that from now on I will have more good times, like today, in the future.

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