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The last 3 years I've reserved a domain with my nickname I use for almost 14 years now. The idea behind this is to create a blog/personal page with things about me. Not so great idea, I know, but the time to create it's now. I hope to keep this page as interesting, for you to read, as for me to keep write on.

So, first of all, what "Walkero" means or how I came up with this nickname.

Back at 1997 I was at University Library where there was only one computer with Internet access. I was in need to create an email account for me to exchange emails. I registered at Yahoo.com, which was free and one of the greatest companies back then.

I didn't want to use a nickname based on my real name or part of it. These days our trust on Internet was at the lowest level. So, I needed something that wouldn't reveal my real personal information and an inspiration to create my nickname. Back then I was playing a computer game called "Walker". It is a nice old shooting game. You control a big robot that invades a few cities killing everything that moves. Have a look here for a video of the game (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzmEJWjcwms).

So, I decided to use "Walker" as my nickname. Tried that on yahoo.com, but no, it wasn't available. So, I added an "o" at the end, and my nickname was born. "Walkero is my nickname", I shouted to the whole Internet, which I use until today.

The best thing with it is that I almost never had problems to register in various websites. It seems that noone else uses this nickname. There is only one exception with youtube.com. There is a channel of a user with this nickname and it's not mine. So, if you visit it, you have to know that I have nothing to do with that.

That's the story behind me nickname and my first steps using the Internet. So long.

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