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In a few days a big change is going to take place in my life. I am living Athens and moving to Dublin of Ireland. This was one of my dreams, which slowly comes true.

The first time I thought to visit Ireland was back to 2005, when I was married. Me and my beloved wife planned to visit Ireland for our honey moon. We even did plans to visit all the castles and many of the country side places. Unfortunately, we had to cancel that trip, because my love was pregnant to our first child.

I managed to visit Dublin back in 2016, where I attended DrupalCon conference. DrupalCon is the biggest conference for Drupal developers in Europe, where someone can meet other developers, designers, executives and companies working with Drupal.

I was lucky to have my wife along with me and we had a great time in Dublin. From the first day I was there I knew I was at the right place. I knew that someday, sometime I will move to Ireland with my family. And that eagerness never faded away. And, now it’s time to make that step and move forward, closer to fulfill of my dreams.

I am happy that I was lucky enough to make very good friends in Greece, leading a great team at my last professional position, and great persons around me, who love me and, I am sure, wish me success and good life. For that I feel blessed.

Until we meet again friends… Cheers to all.

Photo credit: Miguel Mendez on Visualhunt.com / CC BY

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